Thursday, December 2

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Tuesday, October 5

A reminder from 'Rawadhat al Uqala'

Ibn Hibban relates in his book that the poet Abu'l Atahiyya said, 'I went to see Harun ar Rashid, the commander of the faithful, and when he saw me he said, 'Are you Abu'l Atahiyya, the poet?' I said 'Yes' then he said to me,'Give me some counsel in a few lines of poetry, and be brief!'

I recited to him:

Do not feel secure from death at any time:

Even if you seek protection

In advisors and your gaurds,

Know that the arrows of death

Are always pointing in your direction,

Whatever armour and shields we may have.

Do you hope for forgiveness

When you have not trodden its paths?

A ship does not sail on dry land.

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Monday, October 4

Assurety in Allaah and pleasure in His Decree.

I remind myself as I remind you, of the beautiful example of the mother of Musaa (AS) having trust in Allaah the Most Exhaulted as she threw the delight of her heart in to the Nile, waves clashing with him, the water carrying him to what would seem to the onlooker to be the last sight of him. So it is an affair which breaks the heart, tears apart the inntermost self and burns the soul.... A mother throwing her son to what may seem as destruction can only happen with trust and assurance in Allaah and reliance upon Him and noone can do that except those who truly rely upon Allaah and are confident in Him.

It is well known that resigning an affair to Allaah alone and reliance upon Him, removes confusion, hesitation and anxiety which weakens the self, wearing down the body, giving way to distress and sorrow.

Ibn Qayyim (RA) said:

"If he resigns his affair to his Lower and is pleased with what He chooses for him, his Lord supports him with strength, firm resolve and patience in what He chooses for him. Likewise his Lord saves him from the weaknesses which are a result of the servant choosing for himself. The his Lord shows him the beautiful results of His choices for him, which he would not have arrive at if he was left to choose for himself.

He relieves himself from the burdensome thoughts concerning the numerous choices, and empties his heart from suppositions and comptemplation by which he ascends the mountains and falls down from others. And despite that he cannot escape from that which has been decreed for him. So if he is happy with Allaah's choice, then the decree overtakes him and he is thankful."

 In essence, relying on the tranquility and pleasure that lies within the decree of Allaah the Most High, is realising the great pillar of Emaan and a great reward with Allaah (inshaAllah). It is the clarification of anxieties, tranquility to the heart and peacefulness to the soul. Whomsoever is granted tranquility and pleasure at the judgement of Allaah and His decree, has been granted an abundant food and noone experiences this except a believer.

I pray Allaah increases our Emaan and grants us of this abundant tranquility and pleasure at His decree and judgement. May we always be content with that which we are faced with. Ameen.

Extracts taken from "The 3 abandoned prayers" by Shaykh Adnan Aali 'Uroor.

Friday, September 24

Value of time

SubhanAllah we are all so eager to run and reap rewards in ramadhan, but as soon as Eid day comes for many it sadly goes out of the window...the time keeping, discipline, prayers, deeds and more.

Some weeks ago I came across a beautiful book called “Jewels of guidance“ (Darussalam) which compiles gems and extracts from the lives of the great Shayukhs Ibn Baaz, al Albaanee and Ibn Uthaymeen (may Allah be pleased with them). The following is taken from the chapter on Shaykh Ibn Baaz:

It has been narrated that he valued his time to such an extent that,

“If he requested something from someone on the other end of the telephone and was required to wait for a response, he would pass his time glorifying Allah (saying:SubhanAllah) and seeking forgiveness from Allah (saying Astaghfirullah)“.

To me this is a beautiful example. If we become lapse in our value of time on big things by procrastinating lots the time will slip from our hands at speed to no value at all. Where as if we take care of filling even the small periods of free time we have, not only could we multiply our ajr and seek forgiveness but we take care in valuing our short passage on this dunya.

Those are my thought today. Allah bless you all with good in this life and the akhirra and help you to attain peaks of emaan and taqwa by valuing the time we have ameen. Whilst for many it is too late while we still have a breath left and we still have time.

Thursday, September 23

The wall of believers stands strong.

“A faithful believer to a faithful believer is as the bricks of a wall enforcing each other“

(Sahih Bukhari)

I thank Allaah for blessing me with such beautiful friends, family and sisters in deen. Alhamdulillah.

I'm grateful your there for me
No matter what,
In my hour of need
And even when not...

Your beauty in character
And in deen
To say what your thinking
To know what I mean.

To sit, lend an ear
Make me laugh when I'm sad
Removing my fear
In the deens beauty your clad.

I pray Allah grants you
Only the best,
Lets you never falter,
No matter what test.

I pray He keeps us
Firm on the deen
Speaking the haq
On each other we lean.

May He make us stronger,
Even in the west,
Let all us Muslims
Always be the best.

In the dunya and akhirra
May He grant you the best
Protect you, forgive you
Let you pass each test.

I thank Allah for giving you all,
For making me stronger
Not letting me fall.

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Saturday, September 18


"And tell the believing women to subdue their eyes, and maintain their chastity. They shall not reveal any parts of their bodies, except that which is necessary."
Quran 24:31
A quick thought, I just don't understand why sisters insist on walking around the university campus or in public for that matter with "hijab" accompanying their skin tight jeans, skimpy tops, low cut tops with everything on show, with half masts on leaving nothing to the imagination. Infact in many cases the clothes are practically sprayed on. Worst still I've seen sisters with "niqab" on but everything still on show. This is all often accompanied with guys in their group and caked on make up...i mean why? why? why? what is the point?
And it makes me sad....
I feel sad that my fellow sisters in the deen feel the need and pressure to fit in.
I feel sad that they do not accept and understand the concept of hijab or niqab.
I feel sad that I see such fitna becoming more and more rife.
I feel sad that they do not know the true value of their adornments.
I feel sad that they are disobeying their Lord.
Why do sisters feel the need to do this?
What can we do to help?

Friday, September 17

Thursday, September 9

Eid Mubarak

I pray that all our ibadah was accepted, and we are forgiven for the shortfalls, and mistakes we made during this month and our lifetimes.
May Allah (swt) protect us from the lure of shaytaan and give us the tawfiq to fast in shawwal too. May we all be granted the best of the dunya and akhirra (Ameen)

"Abu Ayyoub reported that the Messenger of Allah, salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam said "Whoever fasts the month of Ramadhan and then follows it by fasting six days during the month of Shawwal will be rewarded as if he had fasted the entire year. [Muslim, at-Tirmithi, Ibn Majah, Abu Dawood and Ahmad by way of Jabir]. "

These days can be anytime during the month of Shawwal except the first day because it is unlawful to fast the day of Eid. These days do not have to be at beginning of the month nor do they have to be consecutive. Hence, Muslims should seize this opportunity and fast these six days to get Allah's reward.

Why the fasting of six days of Shawal after Ramadhan equates that of the whole year? Some `Ulamaa' say that the good deed is rewarded ten times. Thus fasting six days is like fasting 60 days, added to 30 days of Ramadhan times 10 (i.e. 300) it makes it a year.
Allah grant us all the tawfiq and increase our Emaan many fold.
Remember...fasting is not just for Ramadhan - the blessed opportunity is ours to avail on other days throughout the year Monday's, Thursdays, mid-month days, Shawwal, Dhul Hijjah and Muharram for example are all ours...Allah may not bless us with another Ramadhan, so why not take advantage and follow the sunnah whilst we still have a breath left.
I ask Allah to forgive and raise the ranks of our beloved brothers and sisters that have departed from the dunya this month and to reunite us all in Jannah. May Allah ease the pain of their beloved and make this test easy for them so that they may reap the reward in the akhirra

Monday, August 30

iMuslimah Reminders: Virtues of the Qur'an

Asalamualaikum wahrehmatullah wahbarakatuhu
A new video has been added to my reminder videos on my youtube channel
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Wa'alaikum asalam wahrehmatullah.