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Ramadhan 1427 (6): Al-Ghiba'a (Part II)

Causes of Al-Ghiba

There are 7 causes of Al-Ghiba

1.Venting one's Anger:
For example in an arguement between two people, and later one backbites the other to justify or gratify their anger.

2. Desire to fit in and be accepted by one's companions:
When you hear your friends speak ill of others behind their back and you don't stop them or warn them, you join them! Take heed of the verse:
"..friends on that day will be foes one to another, except the righteous people."
Al Zakhruf: Verse 67

3. To raise oneself by degrading another:
In the same way one becomes jealous when another is praised, and then seeks to disparage them. Or when one's knowledge, honour, and good qualities are praised in front of him and he says, yes but he also has such and such bad qualities. This is shaytaan, luring you to believe this is sincere advice, but if it was, you would give it privately not expose him publicly.

4. Sheer Envy:
Envy is an evil. Shaytaan decieves us by envying the benefits of others and waiting for Allah (swt) to remove them. Hence the only way to disparage them is to speak ill of them behind their back. Muslims, be aware! Allah only gives His benefits, to those whom He likes, and no one can change this decree.

5. Joke and Amusement:
Backbiting in order to make others laugh. This is a grave sin as the Prophet (SAW) said:
"It is a serious evil for a Muslim to look down upon his Brother Muslim."
Sahih Muslim: On the authority of Abu Hurairah (RA).

6. Pretending to Show Mercy:
Someone may say: poor so and so, I feel sorry for him, he takes the Fajr prayer so lightly, or he has shaved his beard or been tested by such and such offence. If the backbiter was sincere, he would be genuinely distressed, and not spread the misdamenours but invoke Allah (swt) to help him overcome their problems, advising them in secret.

7. Forcing oneself to be angry for the sake of Allah:
For example whem one says: Look and so and so and how he transgresses against Allah's boundaries or violates His Commands. This person is wicked and evil, because if he is honest he would have met him and commanded him to do good and forbid him frm evil.

The cure for Al-Ghiba

One can overcome Al-Ghiba in 5 ways:

1. Realise:
Ghiba is a sin that exposes you to the displeasure of Allah (swt) and remember just what the punishment is.

2. Remember:
That your good deeds are going to the one you are backbiting, and their sins are being given to you, on the Day of Judgement, you might be in need of that one good deed to save you from Hellfire.

3. Be Mindful:
Put yourself in the shoes of the one you are backbiting. Would you like it that someone else back bite you?

4. Purify:
Clean your heart from that which causes you to backbite a fellow Muslim; such as hatred, ency, glory (self praise), arrogance, and other diseases.

5. Reflect:
Ponder over your own faults instead of backbiting other people, and occupy yourself with correcting them. Feel ashamed to discuss others faults when you have so many. If you are really free from faults, be thankful to Allah as backbiting is one of the major sins.

"O Children of Adam, you will not achieve the reality of Eeman until you stop finding faults with people when you yourself have so many faults, and until you start correcting them. If you do so, occupy yourself with your own self, because the dearest servants of Allah are those who are like this."
Al-Hassan Al-Basri (may Allah have mercy upon him)


If your soul drives you to mention other people's faults, first ask yourself:

- Have you prayed with the Imam the 5 daily prayers in the Masjid?

-Have you performed the Night prayers?

- Have you recited part of the Quran today?

- Have you invoked Allah (swt) for helping Muslims today?

- Have you invoked Allah (swt) for your parents today?

- Have you given sadaqah today to the poor?

- Have you fasted one day for Allah (swt) this week?

- Have you performed your prayers today, submissively in the presence of Allah (swt)

- Have you prayed Du'ah (forenoon) Salaah today?

- Have you maintained your voluntary prayers?

- Have you mentioned the morning and afternoon Adhkaar?

- Have you remembered Allah (swt) today and cired or were you negligent?

Take time to look at yourself, and take advantage of your time by asking for Allah's forgivenness, and occupying yourself with your own problems and flaws.

May Allah (swt) purify us and distance us from the evil fo Al-Ghiba, bringing us closer to Him and may He purify our intentions and accept our good deeds.

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