Tuesday, September 11

Marhaba ya Ramadhan 1428

I will inshaAllah be taking a break from this blog for Ramadhan, and will be returning with after 'Eid ul Fitr inshaAllah.
Here is some food for thought on the ADAB OF RAMADHAN (Click the link).
And a few brief reminders i posted last year:

Please endeavour to make the most of this blessed month, reflect, change, improve and most of all REPENT. Make your actions righteous and take steps to improve your character inshaAllah. There is no better time to change than now. May Allaah give us all the tawfiq to better ourselves and take advantage of our time left on the dunya, to prapare for our everlasting abode in the akhirra. Please remember the Ummah, our captive Muslim brothers and sisters, and myself in your dua'as.
JazakhumAllahu khairun

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