Thursday, June 8


If you can keep your Islam
When everyone around you is losing theirs
If you can trust and call on Allah
In all your concerns and daily affairs,

If you truly believe Allah is The Best Knower
When you think ‘you’ know this or that
And remember Allah is the Only Judge
And personal opinions don’t figure in that fact

If you are constant in your Dawah
While you face the trials of this dunya
And make sure all your deeds and actions
Are in accordance with Quran and Sunnah

If you can keep up your daily salat
And your fast during Ramadhan too
Even if at school away from home
You never forget they are required of you

If you remember that even a smile is sadaqah
As you see your muslim sister every day
And make sure you offer the salaams
The moment you see a muslim coming your way

If you keep taqwa in your heart
And grow strong in your Iman
Then your sisters in Islam welcome you
For you are now a - Muslim Woman

by Mahasin Shamsid-Deen

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