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Things to Gaurd Against

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful
(Luqman advised his son): Do not turn your face away from people with pride, or walk arrogantly through the earth. Surely Allah does not like any arrogant show-off. Be moderate in your gait, and lower your voice. Truly, the harshest of all voices is the braying of the donkey.
Al-Quran 31: 18-19
Major Sins
The Prophet (SAW) was asked about the major sins, and he mentioned: To worship other gods besides Allah (the One God), to disobey your parents, to commit murder and give false testimony.
Pride and Arrogance
The Propeht (SAW) said: Whoever has pride in his heart equal to the weight of a mustard seed shall not enter paradise. Someone said ' A person likes to wear beautiful clothes and fine shoes'. he replied 'Allah is beautiful and likes beauty. Pride means rejecting the truth and looking down on other people.
The Prophet (SAW) said: Eat, drink, give charity and wear (nice) clothes, (as long as you do so) without arrogance and extravagence. Allah loves that His blessings to be seen on His servant.
Ahmad, Ibn Majah
The Prophet (SAW) said: Indeed, Allah has saved you from the ignorant practices (of the days before Islam) and the bad habits of boasting about ancestors. A person is only a pious believer or a miserable sinner. All people are the children of Adam, and Adam was created from dust.
Ahmad, Abu Dawud
The Prophet (SAW) said: Shall I not tell you who the inhabitants of Hell are? They are the people who are stuck up, arrogant and stubborn.
Abu Hurayrah (RA) related that a man came to the Prophet (SAW) and said: Please give me some advice. The Propeht (SAW) said: Do not become angry (i.e. do not loose your temper), Do not become angry, Do not become angry.
Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Ahmad
The Prophet (SAW) said: The strong man is not the one who knocks others down, but the one who controld himself when he is angry.
Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmad, Malik
The Prophet (SAW) said: Anger comes from Satan, and Satan was created from fire. It is water that extinguishes fire, so if any of you becomes angry he should make ablution.
Abu Dawud, Ahmad
Jealousy, Envy and Hatred
The Praophet (SAW) said: Beware of envy, for envy destroys good deeds the way fire consumes firewood.
Abu Dawud
The Prophet (SAW) said: There are only two (kinds of ) people worth envying: someone whom Allah has made rich, and who spends his money righteously; and someone whom Allah has given wisdom (The Holy Quran) and who acts accordingg to it and teaches it.
Anas Ibn Malik (RA) relates: Allahs Messenger (SAW) said to me: O my son, if you can spend each morning and evening with a heart free of hatred and deception against anyone, then do so.
Muhammed ibn Zayd (RA) relatesthat some people confessed to his grandfather Abdullah Ibn Umar: When we go to our rulers, we say things to them that are different from what we say when we leave them. Abdullah son of Umar told them 'We used to consider this hypocrisy'.
The Propeht (SAW) said: Whoever is two-faced (hypocritical) in this world will have two tongues of fire on the Day of Ressurection.
Abu Dawud
Miserliness and Greed
The Prophet (SAW) said: Every morning at dawn, two angels descend and one of them says,'O allah, give more to the person who spends in charity!' while the other one says ' O Allah, destroy the wealth of the miser!'
Gaurding one's tongue
The Prophet (SAW) said: Whoever believes in Allah and the Last day should say what is good, or be silent.
Bukhari, Muslim
The Prophet (SAW) said to his companions: 'Do you know what backbiting is?' 'Allah and His Messenger know best' they replied. 'Backbiting is to say anything about your brother (behind his back) that he would not like' he explained. Someone asked, 'But what if he is as I say?' The Prophet (SAW) replied ' If he is as you say, then you are guilty of backbiting and if he is not, you are guilty of slander'.
The Prophet (SAW) said: A believer is not a habitual curser, insulter, or one who is in the habit of using foul or obscene language.
The Propeht (SAW) said: Those who exaggerate will be ruined, those who exaggerate will be ruined; those who exaggerate will be ruined.
Muslim, Abu Dawud
The Prophet (SAW) said: Allah is displeased by your meaningless chatter, your asking too many questions, and wasting money.

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