Monday, April 30

7 steps to protecting your Eeman

1. LEARN the deen systematically...
don't try to know everything, start with the basics, learn, implement, reflect, ponder.
We must be careful of the company we keep, for we are a true reflection of our friends. Keep company with those that will strengthen your Eeman and support you, not drag you to haraam.
Get your Salaah in order, 5 daily prayers as a bare minimum. When you start to neglect your Sunnahs your Fardhs become high risk, so try to implement more rather than less.Pray Slatul Taubah and Salatul Tasbih where possible, repent at every avail.
Make Istighfar, tasbih, tahlil; for they will soften the heart.
"Verily in the Rememberance of Allah do hearts find rest". (Quran 13:28)
The Quran is not just to be opened in Ramadhan and then "stored" for the other 11 months of the year. Read atleast 1 Juz/Chapter a day; reflect and learn the rulings and commands of Allah. Shaytaan will try and distract you. If you feel sleepy, make wudu/wash your face; avoid distractions; and do not get up until you have finished for shaytaan will try and entice you by every means possible from reading the Book of Allah.
Fast a minimum of 3 days a month (13-15th of the lunar month). Fasting deminishes desire, so control your desires and strengthen your Eeman by fasting atleast these 3 days and every Monday and Thursday.
7. Lower your GAZE
If you look right and left, you will see haram in all variations. Everyone should lower their gaze (even those that are married) for it is haram for them to cast gaze on that which is unlawful for them (due to their desires). It is not necessary to make eye contact with the opposite sex when speaking to them, so don't go there! Remain modest, lower your gaze and protect your chastity!
(Taken from notes made at "The Repenter" talk by Shaykh Al Amry 29/04/07)

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Ma'shaAllah, jazakhallah khayr for these notes, at least somebody was listening and understood the talk.