Sunday, January 27

A short reminder: The acceptance of repentance

Allah the Most High says in the Holy Quran:
"Oh my Slaves who transgressed against themselves (by commiting evil deeds and sins!) Despair not of the Mercy of Allah, verily Allah forgives all sins. Truly He is Most Forgiving Most Merciful." (Surah Az-Zumar:53)
It is not befitting that a true believer distances himself from Tawbah. Do no despair and think that Allah will not accept your Tawbah. This is not the sign of a true believer, and it leads to destruction. Indeed Allah is the Most Merciful, who always forgives his Repenting slaves and none despairs from the Mercy of Allah except the disbelieving people. What one is ordered to do is have a good opinion of Allah in all his affairs, even in the last moments of his life.
It is narrated from Du'maan Ibn Basheer who said regarding this ayaah:
"And do not throw yourselves into destruction" (Surah Al Baqarah:195)
If any of you sins he should not throw himself into destruction by saying Allah will not forgive me, rather he should ask Allah for forgiveness as Allah forgives all sins. (Al-Bayhaqi)
Extract from "Obstacles that prevent one from making repentance" by Shaykh ul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (RA)
Allah clearly reminds us of His infinite Mercy on us in the Quran, however we still fail to repent and we still lack our awareness that death may take us, today, tomorrow, or even before you finish reading this sentence....
Perhaps the most important thing any of us can do is to have tawakkul, being negative, and pessimistic, yes, this is human nature, but as Ibn Masud (RA) said:
"The is none of us that does not experience feelings like these (pessimism), but Allah eliminates them by Tawakkul" (Abu Dawud)
So it's not an excuse. Do you wish to die a pessimist, do you not believe in the words "Bismillahir Rahmaan Ar Raheem"... In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful....?
"Be weary about which state you die upon, and tht you do not die in a state of negligence".
So it is ONLY when we loose the negative attitude, have tawakkul and be mindful of our death, that we will realise and appreciate that repentance is in our reach...UNTIL our last breath departs from our lips.
May Allah accept our repentance, make us mindful of our sins and shower us with His Mercy.

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Muslim Girl said...

A very nice post. It shows the bounties and blessings of being in this religion, that if you commit a sin you can always repent for it and work hard not to commit the same sin again, iA, because Allah is so Merciful.