Friday, February 6

Dua'a Request


Dua'as are requested from the readers of this blog, for 8 year old Dean Sheikh

He is due to undergo a liver biopsy and Bone marrow aspirate and trephime biopsy this week under General Anaesthetic.

May Allah grant him health, cure him and purification through this, may He grant his mother sabr, and may he bless him with infinite happiness and all that is good in the dunya and akhirra. Ameen


To find out more about Dean and his condition please visit

Alhamdulillaah Dean is doing well now and everything was a success.
Please keep him and his family in your dua'as.
JazakhumAllahu khairun

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Adventurous Ammena said...

poor kid... insha'allah things work out the best for him