Monday, May 18


Asalamualaikum wahrehmatullah wabarkatuhu
Any of you that have watched the news over the last few weeks will know
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Thousands of innocent Muslims have fled the conflict between the Pakistan army and "Taleban" rebels in SWAT, Pakistan.
Now many of them face much hardship and have headed towards the main cities such as Lahore (Punjab).
Some of my family are attempting to help those in need with the basics of food and shelter
(100% for the sake of Allah)
PLEASE donate generously to help them survive these troubled times and give them a little hope inshaAllah.
Simply click log on to and go to "Send Money" > Personal Donation > Gift donate online securely paypal/switch/debit/credit card
using the email address
May Allah reward you in this life and the akhirra ameen.
Wa'alaikum asalam wahrehmatullah wabarkatuhu

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