Wednesday, October 28

Hayat Bone Marrow Appeal II

So that all of you are able to comprehend the ease by which you can register to become a Bone Marrow Donor...

Step 1. Identify that you are 18-49 and in good general health.

Step 2. Pick up the phone and dial: 0207 284 1234

Step 3. Ask to speak to someone about Donor Recruitment and tell them you want to register.

Step 4. Answer a few questions on the phone

Step 5. Get Donor registration pack

Step 6. Take it to your local GP to get your blood sample done.

Step 7. Post it back

Step 8. Your on the register assuming all the above is okay...

Then you just wait for a call one day that will tell you your a match to someone who needs a donor....

Is it really that hard?

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