Saturday, August 28

1 Eid (London and Bradford!)

Asalamu'alaikum wahrehmatullah wabarakatuhu
As the moon slowly disappears and the blessed month of Ramadhan sadly draws closer to a close, the 1Eid Celebrations get closer!
This year it's bigger and there are not 1, not 2 but 3 locations mashaAllah.
This includes one for in Bradford and 2 in London!
For London click here to find out more, volunteer or register your place to revive the sunnah!
For Bradford click here
Our Brothers and Sisters need your help to make this all possible. Why not volunteer to help on the day by visiting their volunteer page for more info, or help support them by donating online at:
or for other ways to donate click here to find out more.
Join the celebrations, One World - One Ummah - One Eid!
Wa'alaikum asalam wahrehmatullah

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