Friday, September 24

Value of time

SubhanAllah we are all so eager to run and reap rewards in ramadhan, but as soon as Eid day comes for many it sadly goes out of the window...the time keeping, discipline, prayers, deeds and more.

Some weeks ago I came across a beautiful book called “Jewels of guidance“ (Darussalam) which compiles gems and extracts from the lives of the great Shayukhs Ibn Baaz, al Albaanee and Ibn Uthaymeen (may Allah be pleased with them). The following is taken from the chapter on Shaykh Ibn Baaz:

It has been narrated that he valued his time to such an extent that,

“If he requested something from someone on the other end of the telephone and was required to wait for a response, he would pass his time glorifying Allah (saying:SubhanAllah) and seeking forgiveness from Allah (saying Astaghfirullah)“.

To me this is a beautiful example. If we become lapse in our value of time on big things by procrastinating lots the time will slip from our hands at speed to no value at all. Where as if we take care of filling even the small periods of free time we have, not only could we multiply our ajr and seek forgiveness but we take care in valuing our short passage on this dunya.

Those are my thought today. Allah bless you all with good in this life and the akhirra and help you to attain peaks of emaan and taqwa by valuing the time we have ameen. Whilst for many it is too late while we still have a breath left and we still have time.

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Shakil said...

Value of time your right is oft over looked. We are in thus world for but a few moons yet we do nothing but waste time in frivalous activity of which the t.v must be a high up. There is also the hadeeth of making use of 5 things before 5 which is very relevant; ur wealth before poverty, your health before sickness, your free time before you become busy, your youth before old age ad your life befre death. I have an excellent lecture on time by molana sulayman qatani (the world famous orator from south africa who studied under shakul hadeeth maolana fazlur rahman azmi; who again is a leading authority in the world) any way if you want that leture email me on