Monday, October 4

Assurety in Allaah and pleasure in His Decree.

I remind myself as I remind you, of the beautiful example of the mother of Musaa (AS) having trust in Allaah the Most Exhaulted as she threw the delight of her heart in to the Nile, waves clashing with him, the water carrying him to what would seem to the onlooker to be the last sight of him. So it is an affair which breaks the heart, tears apart the inntermost self and burns the soul.... A mother throwing her son to what may seem as destruction can only happen with trust and assurance in Allaah and reliance upon Him and noone can do that except those who truly rely upon Allaah and are confident in Him.

It is well known that resigning an affair to Allaah alone and reliance upon Him, removes confusion, hesitation and anxiety which weakens the self, wearing down the body, giving way to distress and sorrow.

Ibn Qayyim (RA) said:

"If he resigns his affair to his Lower and is pleased with what He chooses for him, his Lord supports him with strength, firm resolve and patience in what He chooses for him. Likewise his Lord saves him from the weaknesses which are a result of the servant choosing for himself. The his Lord shows him the beautiful results of His choices for him, which he would not have arrive at if he was left to choose for himself.

He relieves himself from the burdensome thoughts concerning the numerous choices, and empties his heart from suppositions and comptemplation by which he ascends the mountains and falls down from others. And despite that he cannot escape from that which has been decreed for him. So if he is happy with Allaah's choice, then the decree overtakes him and he is thankful."

 In essence, relying on the tranquility and pleasure that lies within the decree of Allaah the Most High, is realising the great pillar of Emaan and a great reward with Allaah (inshaAllah). It is the clarification of anxieties, tranquility to the heart and peacefulness to the soul. Whomsoever is granted tranquility and pleasure at the judgement of Allaah and His decree, has been granted an abundant food and noone experiences this except a believer.

I pray Allaah increases our Emaan and grants us of this abundant tranquility and pleasure at His decree and judgement. May we always be content with that which we are faced with. Ameen.

Extracts taken from "The 3 abandoned prayers" by Shaykh Adnan Aali 'Uroor.

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