Saturday, May 26

Just a reminder...

The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: "Where a person dies all his action come to an end except 3:

Sadaqa Jaria,
Knowlege that benefits,
or a righteous child that makes dua'a for him".

Let us help them while they are still living, not just when they leave us....

Drowning In My Memories ..

The Star Is Listening To My Holler ..

Would I Ever Be Able To See One Of Them Before Death ..

Come To Me ,, Don't Leave Me .. My Children ..

Ever Since You Abandon Me My Life Became A Joyless ..

Sleeping Up All Night Long ,

With My Solitude ..Hiding Some Of My Suffering And Showing Some Of It ..

My Tears Run Down On My Cheek Every Time I Rest My Head ..

Between The Walls Of Limitation And The Unlimited Sorrow ..

I've Been Forgotten By All Of My Children ,

So Is Have My Love And Affection In Spite Of My Strength ,

I Can Bear It No Longer ..Where Is Laila ??Where Is Salwa ??

When She Was Buying Sweets And Candy In Her Youth ..

Did You Forget Daddy's Love ,

You Were Laughing So Loud And Delighted ..Where Is Ahmed ?? Where Is Sami ??

Come Back , Life Is So Short ..Oh , Happy Nights Do Come Back ,

Unlock My Chains ..I Can Find No Reason For My Existence Any More ..

Save Me ,, Wipe My Tears Away ..Would I Be Able To Met One Of Them Again ..

My Tears Is My Witness , I've Been Drowning In My Own Sorrows ..

So Please Have Mercy , And Be Tolerant For The Sake Of My Age And Weakness ..

If You Forgot The Past , I Didn't Ever Forget It ..

I Wonder Around Alone ,Wishing And Hoping ..

The Long Restless Nights Broke My Body Down ..

And The Grief Is Burning My Heart ..

Every Time I Feel That My Steamy Wounds Are Awaking Again I Shout

Oh Lord Bless Me With Your Forgiveness ,

And Let The Quran Be My Supply ..Be With My Children ,

And Show Them The True Path ..

(Ahmed Bukhatir)

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