Tuesday, June 19


Many people can not control their tongues, when they get angry and hasten to curse. This results in them cursing human beings, animals, things, days, hours, and they may even curse themselves and their children, the husband may curse the wife and vice versa!

This is an evil and serious matter, for Abu Zayd Ibn ad-Dahhak al-Ansaaree (may Allah be please with him) narrated,

"...And whoever curses a Muslim it is as if he has murdered him."


Because cursing is mostly done by women, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has shown that it is one of the causes that leads them to Hellfire. In addition, people who curse otherswill not have the right of intercession on the Day of Ressurrection. Worse still, if a person curses unjustly, the curse will rebound to him so he would then have made a supplication against himself to be expelled and removed from Allah's mercy.

Extract from "Forbidden" by Shaykh Saleh Munnajjid


May Allah save us all. Ameen.

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hema said...

an excellent reminder thanks. it is so easy to speak without thinking sometimes, but i'm trying to always remember "how would i feel if someone said this to me".

my mum and i were wathcing the multimedia presentations on how to pray. she was marvelling at the advances in technology!