Sunday, January 18

The blessing behind the CHILL

While many of us are cold, complaining of the weather, our past predecessors rejoiced at the coming of this season….Why?

"The best season to a believer is the winter, its nights are long for those who wish to pray, and its days are short for those who wish to fast"
Al Hasan Al Basri.

It is reported from Abu Hurayrah – Allah be pleased with him – that he said:
Shall I not point you to comfortable proceeds? People responded, "And what is that o Abu Hurayrah?" He replied, "Fasting in winter."

It is reported from 'Umar – Allah be pleased with him – that he said:
Winter is booty for the devout worshippers.

It is reported from 'Ubayd bin 'Umayr – Allah have mercy on him – that he said:
It used to be said when winter came: O people of the Qur`an, the night has become long so you can pray (more) and the day has become short for you to fast.

Abu Nu'aym, Hilyah Al-Awliyaa`.
It is reported from the famous worshipper Rabi'ah – Allah have mercy on her – that she said:
I have never heard the adhan except that I remember the caller who will announce the Day of Resurrection, and I never see the falling snow except that I imagine the flying pages of the records of peoples deeds (on that day), and I never see swarms of locusts except that I think about the Great Gathering on the Last Day.
Ibn Al-Jawzi, Sifah Al-Safwah Vol. 2 p433.

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Adventurous Ammena said...

masha'allah.. I always remember when I feel cold to think of those outside without homes in colder countries (like Canada) nice to read this after getting through -30 degree weather