Tuesday, April 14

iMuslimah and the new Soulscripture site.

The launch of http://www.imuslimah.co.uk/ is here at last.
Check it out and register today inshaAllah...
SoulScripture, has recently moved, if you are a regular reader, then please visit and bookmark:
http://www.imuslimah.co.uk/ and http://www.soulscripture.webs.com/
Alhamdulillah Soul Scripture has lived on blogger for the last 3 years... So I decided I needed a change, a facelift perhaps... This site has now relocated.
The new sites include blogs links and posts from this and all other blogs written by myself as well as a new iMuslimah Webshop to raise money for the treatment of a kidney patient. Please visit it, benefit, bookmark, and become a member. Invite others also. See you on the other side insha'Allaah.
JazakhumAllahu khairun
Umm Salihaa

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