Tuesday, October 31


'Abd Allah Ibn Umar (RA) said, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said to me:
"Be in this world as a stranger or a wayfarer and count yourself amongst the dead. If you wake up in the morning, don't think of the evening, and if you stay alive to the evening, don't think of the morning.
Save from you health to anticipate your sickness. And from your youth to your old age. And from your life to your death. And from your wealth to your poverty. Indeed! You do not know what you will be called in the future." (i.e you do not know if you will be called a righteous or evil, believer or unbeliever, in the Hereafter).
::::::SELF ANALYSIS::::::
Ok, so subhanAllah....time out....
Take a minute, re-read the above and reflect on it a moment....
Ahem...so the big question is, what are we doing! Are we really living for our akhirra as obedient slaves of Allaah....or are we slaves to the dunya and best friends of shaytaan (may Allah swt protect us and forgive us...)
So we all have these great plans...for the future and our perfect little lifes on the dunya...but are we really travellers....or are we building our mansions on the dunya and leaving our akhirra as little more than a pit in the hellfire?
Think about it...how much to we hoard, in anticipation of that rainy day, or that brighter future...how much time and effort do we spend on things that really do not concern us.... Are we really mindful of death or our accountability?
Spending our lives in neglect...and then having the nerve to doubt the will of Allah when a calamity strikes....Can we really, truly call ourselves believers????
Take Heed, refect and really analyse your purpose, your existance, your way of life....are you living for the dunya, or are you living for your akhirra.....
Are you a slave of Allah or a slave to your desires.
May Allah swt protect us from the lure of shaytaan and our nafs, May we die as true righteous believers and May Allah swt grant us the best and purify our intentions.

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