Saturday, October 28

Beware of Excess

Abu Hurairah (RA) said, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:
" Beware of the excess of food; indeed, the excess of food hardens the heart, and slows the limbs from obedience to Allah, and deafens the mind from hearing the admonition.
Beware of the excess of looking; indeed, it sows lust in the heart and creates foolishness.
Beware of being greedy because greed fills the heart with strong avidity and seals the heart with the seal of the love of this world, and it is the key for bad deeds and the cause for foiling good deeds"
Take a moment.....
As Ramadhan has finally departed for another year, how many of us have truly drawn from it the bear minimum....??? Have you?
What changes have been made permanent (atleast by intention) in your life?
How aware are you of excessiveness in all its forms????
Are you really doing yourself justice? Where can you improve? How are you going to do it?
May Allah swt save us from greed, and excessiveness in all its forms.

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