Monday, October 30

The Believer's Vehicle

Abu Musa al-Ashar'i (RA) said, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:
"Do not curse wordly life! It is indeed a good vehicle for the believer through which he can do good deeds, and through it he will be safe from evil.
If the 'Abd (Allah's bondsmen) says, 'God damn this life.' Life will say, 'May God damn the one of us who is more disobedient to his Lord."

::: Self Analysis: Time out :::

In the midst of this everyday life, all encompassing, of deeds (for the akhirra) and activities.... how many of us, have turned and said oh we're sick of this, or sick of that...through thick and thin, are we really true to Allah and His commands? Are we really grateful for the blessings He (SWT) bestows on us, every hour of every day? Are we really taking advantage of the little time we have left on this dunya? Are we really fulfilling our duty as Muslims? Are we really carrying and spreading the message of Islam far and wide? Have you ever spoken to your neighbours about Islam? Have you ever raised your hands and showed your gratitude for each breath that leaves your body so effortlessly?

We're all too quick to curse and be ungreatful....when we subhanAllah, have so much to be thankful. Even if we spent our lifetimes on our knees repenting before Allah.....we would not appreciate how blessed we truly are. So strike a balance...take heed...and make the most of the few hours/minute/seconds you have left...don't wait till you can not gaurentee you will survive tonight.

May Allah (SWT) soften our hearts and guide us.


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