Sunday, October 1

Ramadhan 1427 (7): Al-Ghiba'a, A Summary (Part III)

Lessons regarding Al-Ghiba:

1. Al-Ghiba, is backbiting, and means t mention something bad about a person in their absence.

2. If what is said is not true, it is called slander.

3. The one who listens to backbiting is one of the backbiters.

4. The backbiter pays for the sins of the person who did the wrong.

5. A backbiter is not forgiven by Allah until the person He spoke ill of forgives him.

6. People normally backbite about: character, deeds, religious or worldly affairs.

7. Speaking ill of a leader about his wrongs is not backbiting.

8. It is not backbiting if one warns other Msulims about the practices of someone or to speak ill of a person who is known for his bad habits.

9. Just as you would hate to eat the flesh of your dead brother, so too, you should hate to hurt the feelings of a Muslim by backbiting.

10. If you conceal the faults of others, Allah will conceal yur faults in this world and the Hereafter.

11. If you see one virtue in a person do not mention the 10 faults they have.

12. Paradise is for him who controls his tongue.

13. Do not speak ill of good people; you then do them wrong.

14. Do not speak ill of the wicked; you then make an enemy of them.

15. Do not slander another; lest you make another enemy.

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